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I like to connect the dots and combine concepts together to bring value to people I work with. Coming from a business background, I value the knowledge among various disciplines from accounting to marketing to operations. This knowledge can be applied to develop applications that add value to peoples' lives.

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Joshua Braganza
Milton, ON

(647) 654-4663


Brock University

Bachelor of Accounting May 2020

Developed an intimate understanding in a variety of disciplines that are useful to develop finance, accounting and risk-based applications. This comprises of knowledge in multiple key areas:

  • An understanding of IFRS accounting principles and their place in facilitating efficient capital markets by limiting the information gap between management and investors.
  • Corporate finance, how financial markets generally operate and how participants make decisions to maximize their cash-flow.
  • Good understanding of statistical principles and when combined with disciplines from accounting, economics and finance, enable us to make data-driven results that are statistically significant.
Notable academic acheivements:
  • Corporate Finance II: 86%
  • External Reporting II: 82%
  • External Reporting III: 85%
  • External Auditing I: 80%
  • Microeconomics: 90%
  • Macroeconomics: 85%
  • Statistics: 88%

Stockholm University

Summer Exchange Program August 2016

Honestly, who wouldn't want to do a semester in Sweden! However, I did courses in marketing, personal finance, gender studies and public relations.

Additionally, I did research reports and case studies on companies like Vanderlande Industries and Concha Y Toro.



Business Analysis, Global Finance Technology January 2019 - August 2019

Accountabilities and Accomplishments:

  • Provided production support to business stakeholders resolving up to millions of dollars in breaks in balances within source system and enterprise general ledger systems
  • Advised senior management on potential trends in our BPS survey that we hand out to our business stakeholders. Did this by co-developing an algorithm in Python that looked for patterns in survey data utilizing Natural Language Processing Tools.
  • Involved in the end-to-end development of downstream data feed from Trade hosting application (THOR) to Financial Accounting Hub (FAH) and Peoplesoft.
  • Developed a strong understanding of the design of various accounting and risk-based applications to ensure the Bank is meeting regulatory requirements from OSFI and Volcker.

The Beer Store

Grocery Reconciliation Intern January 2018 - April 2018

Accountabilities and Accomplishments:

  • Cleared up 8 months of the grocery division's backlog bringing the team on track with the reconciliation through the validation of past Proof of Deliveries (PODs). Estimated Value Added: $50,000, Estimated $ Value of Deliveries validated: $300,000.
  • Created files to keep track of the status of our disputes to the LCBO and verify if the LCBO has done an adjustment for our grocery disputes allowing the team to keep track of $400,000 worth of grocery disputes at the time the files were complete.
  • Developed macros using VBA coding allowing our team to combine files into one master file.


Here are the programming stuff I have learnt. These were learnt either on the job or on my own. Right now, I'm learning Java in the computer science class I am taking this semester.

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Java
  • Excel VBA
  • SQL
  • Python

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